Antibiotic benefits of onions, ward off infections (2)

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Anti-diabetic: Combined with other herbs, Onion has proved useful for lowering blood sugar. This hypoglycemic or anti-diabetic property of onion is due to the presence of glycoquinine. Those who are afraid of developing diabetes because their parents are diabetic should make friend with Onion, as it is a very good prevention against diabetes. Anti-tumour: Onion strengthens the blood cells that protect the body against micro-organisms. If these cells are weak, the body becomes prone to viral infections, such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB), pneumonia and cough. Onion also destroys cancerous cells in the body. In Nigeria, cases of cancer, especially of the breast, are increasing daily. I wish to suggest that our women should take onion as much as possible. The onion will act as good prevention against cancer as well as help in dissolving cancerous tumours.

The prevalence of fibroids, breast cancer and infertility among our women today is alarming. What do we do? Are we to fold our hands and watch our sons and daughters die in pain and desperation? Or are we to once again sit lazily and wait for western thinkers and scientists to help us find the solution? Is it not true that the best remedies for our health problems are those that come from our environment? The challenge before us is big indeed. I, therefore, encourage you, readers, to help spread the Gospel of Herbal medicine to our fellow brothers and sisters. We must continue to pray and reflect together and explore deeper ways of finding solutions to the problems of the world.

Other benefits of onion

Onion purifies and strengthens the liver and the kidney and as well as cleanses the blood. Onion is a good remedy for hepatitis, which is becoming common in Nigeria these days. Do you suffer from resistant typhoid fever, inability to sleep well, low sperm count? Try Onion and see the difference it makes! Onion has been of help to men who experience weak erection or low libido. On many occasions, I have recommended Onion to women who experience premature menopause, and anovulation (inability to ovulate) and the results have been encouraging. Indeed, God has arranged nature to take care of all our needs. In cases of sickle cell anaemia, onion has been of invaluable help. Onion is rich in enzymes, which helps in the production of blood. Onion contains iron and trace elements, which are often lacking in sicklers. Insomnia/stress: In our so-called hyper-active world, it is not surprising that the most common complain of modern man and woman is stress. But it is not only human beings that are stressed; the plants are stressed. The animals are stressed. The cosmos itself is stressed.

It is in this regard that I wish to recommend the use of onion to you. This may sound commonplace, considering the fact that most of us take onion as spices very often. However, the quantity we take is not enough to effect significant changes in the body.

The recommended dose is to eat one whole bulb of raw onion every night. Alternatively, you could blend four bulbs of onions with one litter of honey. Dosage is three dessertspoons three times daily. In summary, everybody who wants to look and feel healthy should make friend with onion and take it every day. Some people do not eat onion because of its pungent smell. However, Onion is less pungent than garlic and is more tolerated. Sometimes what we need is to change are our attitudes to these gifts of nature. I pray that we may continue to make use of the blessings of nature for our own good.


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