Firm Unveils New Web Game To Celebrate One Year Market Entry

Firm Unveils New Web Game To Celebrate One Year Market Entry

In celebrating its one-year anniversary, Amber, an energy drink on the stable of Amber Energy Drinks Limited has launched a web game called ‘Amber Rush’, a gaming app that seeks to entertain, relieve and reward its teeming consumers.

The game which was unveiled is a major driver of the brand’s one year anniversary aimed at creating awareness, arousing interest while inciting more consumers purchase and also further bonding with the key target audience.

It will be recalled that Amber energy drink was introduced into the Nigerian market June last year in the thick of the Corona-Pandemic. No sooner was it introduced than it began to gain traction in the market as well as lots of excitements.

Speaking on the new innovation, general manager of Amber Energy Drinks, Ms Titilola Adedeji, said the game is a representation of what Amber stands for which includes stimulating the energy in consumers and tapping into the company’s TGs active lifestyle, social connections, and digital convenience.

She noted that “To play, gamers are required to sign up with their email or Facebook; choose an avatar, state of residence and phone number; sign in; then play the game by firing each Amber logo that pops with energy by tapping it to fill the can.

“Amber Rush also has a leader board, where you can win cash, merchandise, and product prizes weekly, and monthly. Amber Rush is a game that is here to stay. Eventually, we would be hosting inter-state competitions on Rush. We are basically trying to create a community of people that are like minded. You are only as good as your network, so even if you don’t see me and you are playing Amber Rush, we might be able to connect when we are playing on the leaderboard.”

Amber energy drink is enhanced with a potent herbal blend of Guara, Amino acids and Vitamins. Guarana is natural Caffeine used in beverages. It was said to have been added to Amber to ensure that along-side all the vitamins and nutrients packed in the can, consumers stay alert, energized and healthy.

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