Okorocha rallies travel professionals to national unity

Okorocha rallies travel  professionals to national unity


Senate Committee Chairman on Culture, Rochas Okorocha, has urged travel professionals to promote national unity and culture across their spheres of influence.

Okorocha, while receiving the leadership of National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies (NANTA) in Abuja recently, said there are more gains for all in a united Nigeria than in a divided one.

He said dreams of NANTA readily position travel professionals as potential drivers of cultural growth and national unity He said: “NANTA’s history and spread, leaves me with nostalgia of how Nigeria should be united and culturally advanced and I must praise your dedication. NANTA must lead in uniting Nigeria, you must share with Nigerians how your association, with its national spread, has navigated through leadership transition processes without rancour in the past 45 years, stayed together and prosper together. NANTA must share this dream and maybe Nigeria can learn from it.”

Okorocha urged the body to focus more on engaging children in cultural tourism, pledging to support the association.

“Rochas Foundation will be willing to collaborate and partner with you to bring our children together, teach them about our rich culture. Without cultural education and knowledge, a nation and people are lost forever and will never advance. So, look out for organisations and persons that can share your thoughts and dreams to unite Nigeria through cultural tourism exchanges, particularly among children,” he said.

National President of NANTA, Susan Akporiaye, earlier said that the body remained focused and passionate on marketing Nigeria as a cultural tourism destination, and has also contributed to the growth of Nigeria’s aviation downstream sector.

“We came here today to share our dreams and also to learn from you on how we can package our cultural attributes. We have put in a process and commissioned a focal anti-tribalism message targeted at uniting our members and Nigerians based on our experience and legacies of NANTA founding fathers.”

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