HOW I MADE IT: Dr Adenike Fajemirokun: My Boardroom Hero Was My Dad

HOW I MADE IT: Dr Adenike Fajemirokun: My Boardroom Hero Was My Dad

BY Enyo Ati  |

Dr. Adenike Fajemirokun, the Chief Risk Officer at Dangote Group, is the typical yet remarkable chip off the old block, a lady about whom Dad, Chief Dele Fajemirokun, once said after he listened to his daughter make her point in the board which he chaired, “The money I spent educating this girl did not go in flames.” With a PhD in Risk Management, she was one of the heroes who rescued Deutsche Bank AG, London, in 2008 from the global financial meltdown, as Global Head Operational Risk and Deputy Head of Loan Exposure Management.

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She left the bank as Director, came to Nigeria to set up AFRisk Management Consultants Limited and went on to deliver Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), frameworks for some of the country’s major institutions, including Central Bank of Nigeria and First Bank Capital Plc. She was later headhunted to join the Dangote Group as Group Chief Risk Officer. She was promoted in 2018 as the first female Executive Director at Dangote.

Speaking on her role model, Dr Fajemirokun states, “My boardroom hero will have to be my father. Till today, I have never met anyone that really understands the dynamics of a boardroom. As a kid, I knew it wasn’t an ordinary meeting, even though I didn’t know it was called a board,” she recalls. “I am sure someday, I will be called upon to chair a board, not necessarily stepping into my father’s shoes. It might be on board of another company completely, independent of the family businesses or family-aligned businesses. I am a member on the board of AIICO Pension, AIICO Capital, AIICO Insurance and Food Concept.

“Combining board responsibilities with the job of Chief Risk Officer is difficult,” she continues. “I chair the AIICO Establishment Committee. I bring my specialty as a risk manager to bear on all the boards I belong to. Besides being on other committees, I am always on the Audit and Risk Committee by default.”

She shares her recent experience. “I have seen Alhaji Aliko Dangote in the boardroom a lot of the time. He is a leader. He appreciates the value that everyone brings to the table, and he allows everyone to have a voice. That is the trait of a proper chairman as I have learnt from my dad. A chairman is not someone that bullies or bosses you with what he knows. He is someone that can take some of the knowledge in the room, knit it together and take a decision. For boardroom style, I would say, his is an inclusive style. Everyone feels like a family when you are in the boardroom with Alhaji Aliko Dangote.

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