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Check Out The Trendy iPhone 12


Hello, and welcome to this article on Tech Savvy. Today we are diving into analysis, digging in, like footballers do when they are losing a game.

Alright, so I am thinking we’ve all seen an iPhone before. Or maybe you own one. Well, if you do own one, maybe it’s time for an upgrade because the iPhone 12 is definitely the best iPhone yet, and it had better be because of how much it costs: the iPhone 12 is $799; the iPhone 12 pro is $999; and the iPhone 12 pro-max is $1099.

In naira equivalent and approximation, the iPhone 12 should be N330,000 (or more realistically N400, 000 to N500,000); the iPhone 12 pro should be N410,000 (or N600, 000); and the iPhone 12 pro-max should be N450,200 (most likely N650,000-N700,000).

They’d better be pretty spectacular phones, if I have to spend my child’s school fees on them. The iPhone 12 comes with a newer and more refurbished design – instead of curves, the sides are completely square or rectangular. The sides are also flat and though uncomfortable at first, it feels way better.

The iPhone 12 pro and pro-max are both outfitted with three cameras. The cameras aren’t different from iPhone 11, so they are still pretty good. All iPhone 12s – from the normal one to the pro-max – are fitted with a ceramic shield. It adds a nice touch and makes the phone less prone to shattering on impact.

Now, to some of the important features: the display is now 1080p OLED. This means looking at your phone is amazing. It has about six hours of on-screen time but that depends on if you are like me with more games than images on my phone. But if that isn’t the case, then you have nothing to worry about.

Now let’s talk about 5G. New iPhones have 5G capacity. And 5G is exactly what it sounds like – super fast. Most new phones have 5G capabilities built-in. iPhones are no different but 5G can wear your battery faster than I can finish my shawarma before my friends and siblings ask for a little bit. So, apple has devised something for that. It’s called Smart Data Mode. What smart data does is to automatically switch to 4G when you don’t need 5G to prolong battery life.

That is all for the iPhone 12 for now and if you like this article and would like to get an iPhone, congratulations – and good luck.

Disclaimer: The Post Check Out The Trendy iPhone 12 was first Published by Dickson on leadership.ng.

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