Expert explains why planners, environmental health workers should collaborate

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AS populations in rural areas in Nigeria and other countries across the globe continue to move to cities, giving rise to pressure on existing infrastructure, there is the need for planners and environmental health workers to collaborate.

This is because there is a correlation between the environmental health condition of cities and the health of the people.

Emeritus Professor Layi Egunjobi of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Ibadan said this while speaking on the sidelines of the ninth conference on Environmental Health Sciences organised by the Environmental Health Sciences Association of Nigeria (EHSAN) held at the University of Ibadan on Monday.

Professor Egunjobi delivered the keynote address at the conference.

Summarising his address to newsmen, Professor Egunjobi said that the built environment characteristics impacts on the health of people.

“I said in the address that city population the world over, Nigeria not exempted is rising at very high rates. People are moving from the rural to the urban areas and as a result of this, it has not been possible to match the provision of facilities and services with the rate at which this density of population in cities is rising.

“So, I tried in the address to look at the housing environment and to spotlight how each of the components of the housing environment impacts on the environment.

“For example, in a marshy area, the floors of buildings can be very damp and that can be a major cause of pneumonia, especially in children.

“If you look at the drainages around the houses if they are not properly cared for can be causes of cholera, dysentery and so on.

“And so there is this correlation between environmental health condition of cities and the health of the people. This is where planners and health workers should work together.

Also speaking at the conference, was Special Adviser on Environment to Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, Ademola Aderinto.

He called on environmental health experts to assist the government in achieving a healthy built environment as the government progresses with its development plans in the state.

He described Oyo State as an emerging economy that is currently undergoing industrialisation and urbanisation.

“There is expansion in the built environment. We believe this conference is a good to help us grow ideas and know the challenges that comes with industrialisation and urbanisation.

“The message here is for the academia who great minds and stakeholders to help us in this turning point of Oyo State with ideas that will help us live a healthy life in our built environment despite the urbanisation and industrialisation that is happening.”

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