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Movies and other works of art are not without flaws in their plots; the inconsistency that a lot of people might not see. On this episode of WhatsApp Conversation, this week, we discuss plot holes in movies that a lot of people might not pay attention to. Excerpts:

Adejuwon Adeola

The movie, ‘War Room’. It’s not so much of a plot hole but the plot itself. The whole premix of the plot is that domestic abuse and infidelity can be cured by locking yourself in a closet and praying.

And then, you can also blame the devil for the wrong decisions your husband made.

Meanwhile, your home is a mess because you have poor Christian life.

This movie is wrong in every sense. I know there are women out there who have watched it and adopted it as a manual to tackle their domestic issues. All I can offer them is my sympathy.

Sarah Agboola

It’s Squid Game for me, apparently, there were a lot of plot holes but I will go with this one.

Earlier in Squid Game, it’s revealed that Gi-hun’s mom has diabetes and needs surgery and medical attention, which neither Gi-hun nor his mom can afford. After Gi-hun won Squid Game, he returns home to find his mom dead. Gi-hun then spirals into depression and refuses to spend most of his 45.6 billion won prize money. Before Gi-hun finally uses the money, he spends around a year living the same downtrodden life he lived before he became a billionaire in the Squid Game ending.

This sidelines the loan sharks from episode 1—the ones that threatened to kill Gi-hun and take his organs if he doesn’t pay his debts. The scene showing Gi-hun checking the ATM confirms that he’s barely touched the money, which means that he hasn’t paid any of the millions that he owes. If gambling and debt is such a dangerous thing to get involved with in Seoul, how did the deeply indebted character just walk around the city for a year without getting killed for his organs?

Melody Bolarinwa

Yes, JK Rowling fans will come after me for this but I have read the Harry Potter series and I have seen the movies. One of the plot holes that has left me thinking is the multiple wand scene.

Harry used three wands and a triple spell to stun Greyback in Deathly Hallows.  If a triple spell is more effective based on the simple numerical system of more wands equal more force, why is it not a thing more people use?

Plus, it was made abundantly clear in the OWL syllabus that the more a wizard believes in his spell, the stronger the spell will be, so what role does the number of wands play?

That is very inconsistent.

Amos Oni Naruto

When you overextend a series, it is only a matter of time before there are plot holes everywhere.

It’s shown in flashbacks that Naruto went to school with the same people his whole life. Later he admits that he failed the graduation exam three times. The show never explains how he was allowed to take the test before the rest of his class.

If they were allowed to take the test early, surely Sasuke or Neji would have graduated ahead of their classmates. Yet they are both put on a three-man team with people who are in their age group. Sasuke is slightly older than Naruto, so Naruto couldn’t have been held back like Iwabee in Boruto.

I wouldn’t call it a plot hole. It’s more of an unresolved prop but in the critically acclaimed Shawshank redemption movie, there was one.

Just how did Andy Dufresne reattach the Raquel Welch poster in his cell so perfectly after escaping through the tunnel? Viewers have speculated that the top corners could have been fastened from the inside, but probably not the bottom two corners — certainly not as seamlessly as we see in the movie.

Stella Eberechukwu

Superhero movies usually have a lot of plot holes. In Batman, the rise of the Dark knights, there is a lot left to be desired.

At one point in the film, Commander Gordon decides to send the entire Gotham police force underground at once, where they are trapped by Bane. This is enough of a stretch in itself, but eventually, the force are rescued, and they show up impeccably dressed, in fine health and without so much as a hair out of place after months of living in squalid conditions.

The film’s ending is also questionable. It’s unclear whether Caine’s Alfred actually saw Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle in a Florence cafe, or just dreamed it.

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