Hope Rises In Anambra As Soludo Moves Into Agu-Awka

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AWKA – Hope has risen across the horizon in Anambra as Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo, the victorious All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) can­didate in the just concluded governorship election in the state, prepares to mount the driver’s seat in governance.

Stakeholders have de­scribed him as a good wine which needs no bush.

Deputy Speaker of the Anambra State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Dr. Pas­chal Agbodike, said Soludo is a prayer answered for Ndi-Anambra and that he would perform more than his predecessors.

Agbodike noted that Anambra is APGA and APGA is Anambra, adding that APGA is the only politi­cal party that has a manifes­to that represents the wishes and aspirations of the mass­es.

He said APGA had a landslide victory in 19 local government areas and that there is no doubt that Profes­sor Soludo will deliver on his electoral promises because he believes very strongly that Soludo is the solution to socioeconomic development in Anambra state.

The Deputy Speaker said Anambra is the light of the nation and that other states in the southeast are looking up to Anambra state to bor­row a leaf from her devel­opment strategy to improve on their governance model, stressing that other south­east states will join APGA in a short while.

He said election is not a do or die affair but people according to him, should learn to respect the will of the masses, adding that the truth remains that APGA has won the governorship election and won landslide even as he said no other po­litical party would have won the election except APGA because APGA he believes is the party to beat.

Also the Chief of Staff of the Anambra State Govern­ment Mr. Primus Ugochuk­wu Odili lampooned the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Anambra saying that the party had the worst candi­date in the just concluded gubernatorial election.

Odili who stated this at Isuofia the country home of the former CBN governor Professor Charles Chuk­wuma Soludo, who won the governorship election, not­ed that of all the candidates who contested in the election, the APC candidate brought up the rear in character and otherwise.

Odili said the APC is non-existent in Anambra state and cannot win an elec­tion because Anambra peo­ple are wiser and vigilant because the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) tells the truth.

He recalled that no prima­ry election produced the can­didate of the APC and that he cannot match the person and popularity of the winner of the election.

He said he was happy that Professor Charles Chukwu­ma Soludo won the just con­cluded governorship election because he believed that the former CBN governor was the most qualified candidate by virtue of his academic qualifications, exposure and experience, contacts and connectedness as well as the technical know-how in run­ning the affairs of the state.

Odili stated that Professor Soludo was better placed than all the other candidates that contested in the just concluded gubernatorial election, stressing that APGA ensured that the votes of the people counted.

Odili was of the opinion that APGA requested that the will of the people should be respected because if such atmosphere prevailed and people are allowed to cast their votes APGA will win resoundingly.

He said: “We know if peo­ple are allowed to cast their votes that Professor Soludo will win because he is the candidate after the hearts of Ndi-Anambra.

“So, that he emerged vic­torious is not a surprise to us. What we would have wondered about is if he had lost the election because ev­erybody in Anambra knows that the candidate to lose the election is Soludo.”

On what the Chief of Staff described as the transform­ing agenda of the All Pro­gressives Grand Alliance (APGA), he said ex-governor Peter Obi did well when he was governor under APGA but the incumbent governor according to him did better than Peter Obi.

Odili stated that Peter Obi left no legacy projects behind for Ndi-Anambra but Gover­nor Willie Obiano he said, leveraged on the platforms of the foundation Peter Obi laid and performed better than his predecessor.

According to Odili, Gover­nor Willie Obiano left a lot of legacy projects for Anambra people and Professor Soludo he believes would stand on the infrastructural develop­ment and perform far better than Peter Obi and Chief Willie Obiano.

This Odili believed was the primary reason Anam­bra people rallied round him because they know Professor Soludo has what it takes to move the state further on the part of all-round devel­opment.

Mr. Odili however main­tained that it was fallacious and very untrue for Mr. Peter Obi to tell the entire world that Governor Willie Obiano didn’t do anything in Anambra for 8 solid years, saying that even the blind could see the international airport, the international convention center, the fly­over bridges and other leg­acy projects across the state accomplished by the Obiano administration.

Much as he was a candi­date of APGA, which is re­garded as an Igbo party in some quarters, and despite his having a sitting governor, it is believed that his down to earth personality, keeping touch with the masses and, above all, his learning and knowledge of the economy have positioned him for the governance of Anambra State.

Not wanting to inject pol­itics into Soludo’s victory, the Secretary of APGA in Anambra State, Chief Tony Ifeanya said: “Soludo is a good material, he is a good product himself. Anambra knows him.

“He has shown himself to the world. His knowledge of the economy was also a very good reason. These days when the economy is dwin­dling, with Soludo’s knowl­edge of the economy, he is the man people want at this material time.”

Also, the convener of Youths Earnestly Seek Soludo (YESS), formed over two years ago to persuade Soludo to run, Dr. Nelson Omenugha, said that youths of different strata, irrespec­tive of religion and ethnic background were united by one issue: Soludo.

Omenugha added that: “Soludo is one person whose life trajectory can easily be connected by everyone, young and old. A village boy who made it by going to school; a village boy who many can connect with. He schooled at home, a local breed but was able to stand out and he is sought after all over the world”.

Omenugha, who escaped assassination by a hair’s breadth during the election­eering campaign, added: “Soludo inspires and encour­ages irrespective of who you are. He is a model that people look up to. He is somebody you can link his success sto­ry. His knowledge of econo­my that is on the decline in the post COVID-19 era, only Soludo can tackle this “.

He also said that Soludo’s manifesto is very practical and that he is the only person that costed his development programme.

The same view was ex­pressed by the state chair­man of Nigeria Labour Con­gress (NLC), Comrade Jerry Nnubia. Nnubia said Solu­do has more experience and knowledge of the economy.

Nnubia said: “Soludo is a foremost economist who have managed the economy of the nation effectively. He is vast and academic”.

He said Anambra NLC tasks Soludo with improving workers’ welfare, and run in­clusive government.

Nevertheless, a public commentator, Mr. Ignatus Nwadili beleived that politi­cal considerations contribut­ed in no small way to Soludo’s victory. Nwadili said rotation of the governorship seat to South South Senatorial Dis­trict is a factor; coupled with the fact that he contested on a platform, APGA, Igbo people can identify with.

Also, he said, since Chief Willie did not do well, work­ers were anxious to vote in a man with experience. Be­sides, the performance of APGA government in the last 16 years beginning with Mr. Peter Obi and the bad image rival political parties have in the state are also fac­tors. He is also more credible than his rivals,” Nwadili con­cluded.

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