6 Must-Have Trouser Styles Every Lady Should Own

There are several types/styles of trousers, and a woman’s wardrobe is not complete without some of them.

Different occasion calls for a different type of trousers, and you don’t want to look out of place sporting the wrong style.
Pants have become so important in the fashion world for ladies, considering that it wasn’t originally created for ‘girls’. But, we have done so much with it, – style-wise – created various looks with it, all of which serve different purposes.

We have curated a list of six different trouser styles that you should own, to make your wardrobe stylish, functional and even trendy.

Tailored Pants

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For our slay boss ladies, this item of clothing is indispensable, a great addition to your wardrobe definitely. They are what we like to call power pants or cigar pants. Show up for that interview, work event or meeting wearing a pair of well-tailored pants, add an extra dose of confidence and you will have everyone’s attention.

Track Pants

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The comfort they bring, more than anything is why we love this piece. You really can’t wear your skinny jeans at the gym, boo. A pair of joggers is ideal for the gym, for taking a walk, travelling or just a casual outing and you don’t really want to do too much.


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Jeans are one of the most essential wardrobe items you should own. If paired well, they can get you into almost any circle, from the corporate world to a casual setting. Yep, that versatile!

Palazzo Pants

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These pants are known for the exotic vibe they bring to an ensemble. Really, who doesn’t want to feel like some Arabian princess? They are airy, giving your legs some room to breathe, and the flowy effect can make you look really classy.

Boyfriend Jeans/Mom Jeans

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Talk about never going out of style, boyfriend jeans don’t seem to ever go out of style. They are vintage pieces that transform any outfit from ordinary into edgy, chic and wickedly stylish.


JumpsuitImage result for rita domini wearing palazo

Jumpsuits are life givers, take it from us. They say that an outfit can say a lot about you, and a jumpsuit can say to people, A jumpsuit can give you that. There are numerous jumpsuit styles you can pick from, and the best part is that you can wear it to a number of events- work, dates, meetings, and even weddings- yes, weddings!


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