4 Delicious Plantain Recipes You Should Try This Weekend

With an appealing physical outlook and delicious taste, plantain has over the years stood out as a diverse food to savor with every taste.

This food has been coming to the culinary rescue of many Nigerians for a long time.

Today we will be sharing 4 of the diverse ways plantain can be cooked into enviable mouth-watering Nigerian dishes.

Plantain Porridge

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It’s a rich, delicious and very easy meal to prepare. It is prepared with unripe or ripe plantain, but you can combine both ripe and unripe plantain to achieve a faint sugary taste. The ingredients include palm oil, fish (dried, fresh or smoked), ground crayfish and meat or peppered snail to serve. You can choose to add vegetables, as much as you want. Fluted pumpkins (Ugwu) or spinach is a good choice.

Gizdodo (Gizzard and Plantain)

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If you were not a plantain lover before tasting  this meal, you will definitely fall head over heels with plantain after it. Gizzdodo is an inviting combination of plantain and gizzard in sauce. It’s an easy dish to prepare and can be served as a side dish to rice dishes like fried rice, jollof rice, coconut rice and white rice. It can also be eaten as a meal. It is mainly prepared with ripe plantains, gizzard, vegetable oil, seasoning and grounded red pepper.

Beans and Plantain Porridge

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This meal is as easy as adding plantains to the normal beans dish we prepare with palm oil and dry pepper. It’s a tasty and palatable dish prepared with ripe plantains and beans. It’s a popular dish and one of the best dishes to use to get your children to eat beans. The ripe plantains give the meal a sweet taste. You can top the meal with tomato stew or serve as is. The meal can be eaten with bread or rice.

Plantain Mosa

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The plantain mosa and plantain moin and moin are two dishes born out of the need to avoid wasting over-ripe plantains. They are both very worthwhile alternatives to throwing out over-ripe plantains.

Plantain mosa have been quite popular in the small chops served at parties. It has a sweet taste similar to that of puff puff, but with a plantain flavor.


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