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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Alternate School Programme: Humanitarian Ministry, Stakeholders Partner On Child Access

By Blessing Bature-Akpakpan,

The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development has collaborated with the Ministry of Education in a bid to refine and strengthen the Alternate School Programme (ASP) Concept for successful implementation.

The Humanitarian Minister, Sadiya Umar Farouq, made this known on Tuesday during the second meeting of the alternate school programme national steering committee in Abuja that the Alternate School Programme possesses the potential for every child to gain access to quality education, irrespective of social, cultural or economic standing, as well as provide a means of improving household incomes for their respective families, through the Federal Government’s Social Investment Programmes.

Farouq said, “In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, we have spent the last few weeks in engagement with various stakeholders, in a bid to refine and strengthen the ASP Concept towards successful implementation of this programme; for it is upon this foundation that we can begin to erect necessary building blocks.

“We must all keep in mind that leadership and strategic direction remain critical to ensuring that this laudable concept can be brought to fruition. Thus, the significance of each of the members of the National Steering Committee in providing the necessary leadership for the success of the programme cannot be overemphasised. And, as charged by Mr. President, the success of the Alternate School Programme will rely largely on inter-ministerial collaboration and effective stakeholder engagement.

“I wish to thank the distinguished members of the Alternate School Programme National Steering Committee, for again, convening for this very essential second meeting. Following the success of the inauguration by Mr. President and the subsequent inaugural meeting, it is apt to say that work has commenced towards actualising this all important programme.”

The minister seeks to equip children with the requisite skills and wherewithal to engage with and contribute meaningfully to the Nigerian economy while urging all to remain committed to this cause and continue to work together to ensure that the Alternate School Programme is, but most importantly, the beneficiaries are, able to enjoy very successful outcomes.


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