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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Letter to Gov Buni on LG poll

Governor Buni

Let me once again commend you on a giant strides you’re making in uniting the good people of Yobe state and also the entire members of your party (APC) within few months of your appointment as the caretaker national chairman. Indeed, you already hit the ground running. Verily, this cannot be achieved without embracing indifferences and being tolerant in running the affairs of your offices.

Your Excellency Sir, I want to quickly draw your attention to some of the power mongers and as well enemies of progress of the state and their various local government areas, considering how fast the council election is approaching. I can see that some of them are busy designing posters and making permutations trying to be endorsed as local government chairmen.

 Sir, I’m making a passionate plea so that you will endorse new faces in order to tackle corruption and then new cabinets will give you total loyalty in your movements. The truth is, if you still endorse some of the former chairmen or leaders then the style of leadership in the state will never change because their minds are already polluted.

I also want to remind you that most of them that failed the state have been holding ranking positions from 1999 to date, but unfortunately they can’t yield any positive result to the populace. In fact, they’re a disaster to the state. Retire whoever served before and failed from holding any ranking position, if not they will still fail you.

The truth is, with or without them, you will in sha Allah reach the apex of your political career. It’s well known to us that your uniqueness in conflict resolution has turned Yobe state to one party system and ended the internal crisis in the party then we still expect kind endorsement on the process.
May God Almighty guide you to deliver.
Abdulmumin Kolo Gulani,Damaturu.

Disclaimer: The Post Letter to Gov Buni on LG poll was first Published by Editorial IV on www.blueprint.ng.

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