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Group Rallies Support For Osinbajo, Al-Mustapha Ticket For 2023


A political group known as Network For Good Governance (NGG) has called on Nigerians to queue behind the incumbent vice president, Yemi Osinbajo, and Major Hamza Al-Mustapha (rtd) come 2023 presidential race, to salvage Nigeria’s economy and create jobs for the teeming youths.

A statement by the international director of NGG, Dr Philemon Ibrahim Gora, said the group took the decision after a meeting in Kaduna over the weekend.

He said the pair of vice president Osinbajo and former CSO to former Head of State, Major Al-Mustapha, has what it takes to turn the country’s economy around and create jobs for the teeming youths.

Gora said the group was backing Osinbajo’s presidential ambition for 2023 and was also calling on others to queue behind him.

He said, “Osinbajo and Al-Mustapha are vastly knowledgeable in the economy and security intelligence of rebuilding a better and united Nigeria. As far as the APC is concerned, they will need to redraw the electoral map ahead of 2023 to account for Buhari’s absence in governance and only someone that is an insider can help to rebuild the hopes of Nigerians.

“The vice president has the experience and mature disposition required to govern a multi-ethnic society like Nigeria. Osinbajo is an upright man, who stands on the pillar of truth and social justice, who will bring the country out of its present socio-economic problems when he finally becomes the President of Nigeria,” he said.

According to Gora, “the group has realised that youths and women in the country are vital in ensuring Osinbajo and Al-Mustapha ticket, hence, the need to reach out to them.

“The 2019 gubernatorial results showed that states like Bauchi and Sokoto which voted for Buhari at presidential level did not support APC in the gubernatorial races. Buhari’s supposed northern appeal has always inferred a guarantee of votes from the heavily populated region, so who do these votes go to in 2023?

“The parties of 2019 may not be the powers of 2023. For the APC, the unifying balm of Buhari will still play a vital role to salvage her mistakes reposition a better Nigeria,the APC was formed with the primary purpose of dislodging the PDP and bad governance therefore this two gentlemen can correct the most important thing which is to secure Nigeria and also unite all regions together.”

Disclaimer: The Post Group Rallies Support For Osinbajo, Al-Mustapha Ticket For 2023 was first Published by Tarkaa David on leadership.ng.

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