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A former Big Brother Naija housemate, and the Chief Executive Officer of Pure Fitness Africa, Ekemini Ekerette, aka Kemen, tells BLESSING ENENAITE about his career and other issues

What influenced your decision to become a fitness trainer?

I was influenced by my decision to safeguard my health. Before I became a personal trainer, I used to work at a very hazardous company. Instead of looking for another job, I felt I should use the opportunity to take care of my health, because my former workplace had a bad care system for its workers. My way of helping myself after leaving that job was to embrace fitness.

I used to be skinny, but when I started working out, I started gaining weight, and I got stuck with it. I love what it (keeping fit) does to my body and mind. It gave me a new found love. I never liked the regular 9am to 5pm job. Despite the fact that I was working at a 9am to 5pm job and I was successful, I never found happiness doing my job. In the process of attending to my health, I found what I loved, and the rest is history.

What are your notable achievements as a fitness trainer?

My most notable achievement is being able to change people’s lives for good. Also, I am giving people a reason to ‘create’ better versions of themselves in a way they never thought was possible. The fact that people entrust their lives into my hands and trust that I would stir them in the right direction is an achievement for me.

My other achievements are achieving financial security. The people I have met in my line of duty are secondary for me. The…

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