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A graphics designer and founder of Adegraphics Creative Studio, Adedamola Biolatiri, tells MOTUNRAYO AKINRUN about his business and other issues

What is your educational background?

I attended God’s Leading Nursery and Primary School, Badagry, Lagos, for my elementary education; and Araromi Ilogbo Senior Secondary School, also in Lagos, for my secondary education.

I also have a Higher National Diploma in Mass Communication from the Lagos State Polytechnic (now University of Science and Technology), Ikorodu.  While in school, I was involved in the student politics, and I was the Speaker of the Student Union Government in 2021

What inspired you to start your own business?

It started as a talent, and the urge to create things with my mind and hands. I was inspired to start my business so as to solve problems that my target audience encounter.

My late father was an artist, so I can say it runs in the blood. The journey has been transformational. I started making simple sketches as early as four years old. Back then, I would look at what my father did. The type of art that existed then were traditional painting and stencils, and he did not have much time to put me through, because he was very busy. However, I took advantage of every opportunity I had. I am a very curious person, and having a open mind helped my creative journey. I later learnt desktop publishing; but most of what I do now were self-learnt.

Is your company registered?

Yes, it is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

What strategies do you employ to manage and grow your…

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