EatSafe: APFSAN donates hand washing facilities to food vendors,sensitize traders on hygienic food in Kebbi

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From Olanrewaju Lawal Birnin Kebbi


The Association for Promotion of Food Safety and Improved Nutrition (APFSAN) in collaboration with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) has provided hand washing facilities to food vendors in Birnin Kebbi Central market in order to reduce level of contamination with food the citizens are consuming on daily basis.

APFSAN,through EatSafe Feed the Future had approached USAID,the donor agency on how to provide hand washing facilities to traders in the Birnin Kebbi market.

While speaking after sensitization and demonstration exercise at the market ,Mr Ibrahim Isyaku, the state Coordinator of GAIN, explained that the inauguration of the hand washing facilities and sensitisation campaign in Birnin Kebbi central market was designed to reduce food contamination in the society.


According to him,,”the awareness objective is to reduce level of contamination of food the citizens are consuming on daily basis. The APFSAN had approached EatSafe Feed the Future agency funded by USAID under GAIN to provide washing facilities for food vendors in Birnin Kebbi which was granted an approval by USAID.

“The objective is to promote food safety. As you are aware majorities of health issues are coming out as a results of unhygienic food consumed by people. Even if the food is nutritious , not prepared on hygienic way, the food could be contaminated.”

Isyaku added that the project was about to minimize unwanted chemical, poor handling of food in the society.

He said: “that is what we are trying to reduce….

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