Workers plan revolt over alleged imposition of Auditor-General at FCT Area Councils Audit Secretariat

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From Fred Itua, Abuja

There were indications over the weekend that workers at the Secretariat of the Auditor General for Federal Capital Territory ( FCT) Area Councils were set for a revolt over imposition of Auditor General on them.

Checks revealed that the workers were aggrieved that past FCT Ministers and the Permanent Secretaries have always neglected the pioneer staff members in the appointment of Auditor General.

It was learnt that the office, which has existed since creation in 1992, has a crop of qualified Chartered Accountants, who have also gotten so much on-the -job training, but FCTA, rather than selecting an Auditor General from among them, has always preferred people from outside the system to head them, a situation that is responsible for apathy among the workers.

A visit to the office, located in Central Business District of Abuja, revealed a sorry state of the facilities, while workers attitude, apparently showed low motivation.

Some of the pioneer staff who have spent about 30 years in the system and also understand the internal mechanism of the office, expressed displeasure that FCT Administration have continue to waste human resources, it spent tax payers funds to train.

They wondered why the administration will keep taking decisions that are counterproductive and also in variance with the reforms which the Head of Service of the Federation is implementing.

Inside source revealed that the present acting Auditor General for FCT Area Councils, who is a senior staff of the office, has just one year to retirement.

It was gathered that a standard civil service…

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