AMAC Primaries: Gbagyi Forum Commends APC Over Karshi’s Candidacy

AMAC Primaries: Gbagyi Forum Commends APC Over Karshi’s Candidacy

A group under the auspices of APC Gbagyi Youths Progressive Forum, has commended the national leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for putting an end to the confusion surrounding the APC candidature for the AMAC chairmanship election coming up in February, 2022.

The national leadership of the APC had submitted the name of Hon. Murtala Karshi to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as the party’s substantive candidate for AMAC chairmanship election in the coming council poll.

Coordinator of the Forum, Comrade Yunusa Ahmadu Yusuf, in a press statement said that the decision of the party has proven that the decision of the people supersedes the desire of a few who do not care about the plight of the majority, but rather their own selfish interest.

“We want to appeal to AMAC residents to know that the decision that the national leadership of the party has taken in respect to the genuine winner of the just-concluded primary election, is the decision of the masses. So, we are calling on every resident of AMAC to support the decision and come out to work with us for the success of the party in the general election coming up on February 12, 2022.

“It is worthy to note that it is extremely wrong and detrimental to residents of AMAC that the present leadership of the council led by Hon. Abdullahi Candido is trying to play Cheese game with the lives and future of AMAC residents, that is why he has gone to all extent in trying to impose an anointed candidate on the people of AMAC against their will.

“A good example of such action can be drawn from the last press conference that AMAC had on the development of the decision of the national leadership of the party, where the incumbent vice chairman of the council, Mr. Lawrence Onuchukwu was the Speaker that addressed the press,” he said.

Yusuf expressed confidence that the party will emerge victorious in the general election because the most popular candidate has emerged as the party’s flag-bearer in the forthcoming area council elections.

“Most people present at the primary election witnessed the irregularities that transpired, but we were not moved, because we believe in the party and we are confident that the party will never fail or disappoint the people of Abuja. Looking at the votes that were denied the original winner, a whole 9 votes!

“The truth is that on normal circumstances, nobody will cancel 9 votes for a winning margin of 4 votes, if the person means well for the people. It is absurd! After due consultation with stakeholders, grassroots and community leaders, the party saw it clearly that the winner is Hon. Murtala Karshi.

“With this decision taken by the party, we are assuring the leadership of the party that the voice of the majority is bigger than the voice of a few. We are convinced that the decision of the party will salvage hindrance. We are also assuring the party that we will work very hard to bring residents of AMAC, both those that seem aggrieved to come together and work in the interest of the party.

“If anybody says that because of this act of justice done to the people of AMAC, that he or she wants to leave the party, that means they are not true party faithful and never meant well for the party.

“With this, we want to sincerely appreciate the national leadership of APC for putting the interest of the people of AMAC first against few desperate leaders, by ensuring that Hon. Murtala Karhi was given his stolen mandate. We will continue to trust in the party and ensure victory of the party at all times,” he added.

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