JA Africa, Richer Media partner to produce TV series to educate children on financial literacy

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JA Africa From left, Agbakoba Onyejianya, associate partner, Head of Sports, Entertainment and Tech Law, Olisa Agbakoba Legal; Omi Oshikoya, Chief Media Officer of The Richer Media; Simi Nwogugu, CEO, Junior Achievement Africa; Foluso Gbadamosi, Executive Director, Junior Achievement Nigeria during the recent partnership signing ceremony to produce the Junior Billionaires Club (JBC) animated TV series in Lagos

Junior Achievement (JA) Africa and The Richer Media, recently, in Lagos, signed a partnership to produce the Junior Billionaires Club (JBC) animated TV series designed to teach children and young adults across Africa about financial literacy and wealth principles.

The animated series is developed jointly based on The Richer Kids Club production – an affiliate of The Richer Media – and JA’s financial literacy, entrepreneurship and wealth education curricula.

Simi Nwogugu, the CEO of JA Africa, stated that her organisation has not relented in preparing young people and youth for the future of jobs by bridging the gap between school and the world of work through financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship training and in collaboration with schools, technical/vocational centres and other partners across 13 countries.

She further stated that expanding financial literacy across the continent is a key area of focus for them, and that the animated series gives them the opportunity to reach and educate millions of African children and young adults, especially those in hard-to-reach communities who may not have access to their classroom programmes or digital activities.

“We will also spotlight inspiring African leaders in the TV series, not only to celebrate them, but also to show young Africans that the continent has role models they can aspire to be like,” Nwogugu said. “It is our hope that it will encourage schools across Africa to set up Junior Billionaires Clubs to inspire their students.”

Omi Oshikoya, the Chief Media Officer of The Richer Media, noted that the company is proud to produce content that inspires, informs, empowers and educates children and young people, thereby contributing towards achieving at least five of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, most importantly Goal 1, which is ‘No Poverty’.

She further noted that to reduce the financial literacy gap, it is important that in every African country, two-fifth of the population is younger than 15 years old. She emphasised that to foster economic development, the focus should be on children who are the future leaders.

She stated that The Richer Media partnership with JA Africa provides an opportunity to inspire a new generation of Africans that are creating wealth and are successful in all areas of their lives, which is their core mission.

“The curriculum has been created to include financial literacy, business, as well as life and wealth principles to ensure children are well equipped to thrive in the world we live in today,” Oshikoya said. “The COVID-19 pandemic has made it imperative for children to be financially educated and to learn how to invest in their physical, emotional and mental health, and other areas of their lives.”

The animated series will feature two young Africans, Lola and Kweku-Sika, who go on different adventures to learn key financial and wealth concepts, as well as African history and other social studies/economics topics on Africa.

The series will be aired in English, French, and Portuguese across different African countries on both traditional and digital media.

The two organisational partners, involved in Junior Billionaires Club project, expressed optimism that the animated series will educate children in a fun and interactive way to prepare them for life as adults, and that it will also teach them good values and life skills that will inspire them into leadership and public service.


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